I am Vladimir Ferapontov. I’m a producer.
(Many years ago) (Some years in the past), in 1997, in cooperation with Belgian friends of mine, I have created my first production center in Russia.
While my leading as a music producer, I have directed two music TV channels, published many newspapers and magazines, released more than 1,000 albums and compilations, shot more than 50 video clips. Besides, I’ve also successfully done a production of significant number of performers and musical groups.
(Would you like) (Do you wish) to know who they are?
They are leaders of popular music projects in Russia – Mnogotochie, Balagan Limited, Presnyakov-st, Andrey Aleksin, Chugunniy Ckorohod and many other…
Along my production within past years, I have managed and carried out more than 250 concerts and festivals.
I have been successfully bringing music art to Russians for many years, but in 2020 I’ve become an Israeli citizen and pleased to introduce my great experience to Israelis.
In addition to my music producer’s projects, I’ve been promoting a number of business projects. For example, I’ve been leading a HIGHLY BUSINESS MEN club (OCHEN DELOVIE LUDI club).
We’re doing a promotion of several exclusive cigar and alcohol projects, and ready to do many more with you!
In 2023, we’ve opened the ISRAELI TRUTH (ISRAELSKAYA PRAVDA) project in Israel.
My contacts
+972 58 600 4755 (tel, WhatsApp)
or 058 600 4755

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