producer Ferapontov. co-authors of the ISRAELI TRUTH project Alexandr Nirman and Vladimir Ferapontov met

Authors of the ISRAELI TRUTH project Alexandr Nirman and Vladimir Ferapontoff met in BatYam and discussed the current situation in the country and issues of project development. Let us remind you that with questions and proposals for cooperation, you can contact us by phone and WhatsApp +972 58-600-4755 +972 52-306-6888

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producer Ferapontov. On November 6, a charity poetic and musical performance will take place in Chagall.

ИЗРАИЛЬСКАЯ ПРАВДА представляет! 6 ноября в Шагале – благотворительный поэтический и музыкальный перформанс. Мы будем собирать деньги для помощи израильтянам, пострадавшим от хамасовского погрома и ракетных обстрелов. участие подтвердили Александр Елин, Давид Шнейдеров, Валаар Моргулис , Борис Влахко , Сергей Тененбаум Sergey Shereshevsky. Bagum Cegob Будем добавлять информацию по мере её поступления. Всех отмеченных в […]

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Vladimir Ferapontov visiting Pavel Dolgov in Antalya, Turkey.

CIGAR LEAGUE presents! Smoke break at Akdeniz Puros Kulubu. Translated as Mediterranean Cigar Club. Vladimir Ferapontov visiting Pavel Dolgov in Antalya, Turkey. A wonderful cigar evening on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

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New business cards for the new foreign music project INTERSUCCESS

New business cards for the new foreign music project INTERSUCCESS I thank the VCHERANADO printing house for their high-quality and professional work. If you think that the age of business cards is over, then you are very mistaken. The point is probably simply that you have the wrong business cards? You can contact with me […]

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two producers from Israel met in Moscow

two producers from Israel met in Moscow Vladimir Ferapontoff and Igor Senger We discussed show business issues. We invited each other to concerts. We talked about cooperation We smoked cigars. The meeting took place in AL33 Leningradsky Prospekt, building 33, building 4 — Let us remind you that both producers currently have not only Russian […]

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We drink and talked part 1 – Producer Ferapontov and realtor Nirman

Let’s start a new series of interviews! another interview with the wonderful Israeli realtor Alexander Nirman. As you can see, in Israel, realtors are DIFFERENT!)))) I’ll tell you right away if you need his phone number +972 52-306-6888 I highly recommend it, if anything! In light of today’s events, the demand for overseas […]

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Producer Ferapontov. We shot our first commercial in Israel!

Probably the most unusual interview! Meet us! realtor from Israel Alexander Nirman tel. /whatsapp/telegram +972 52 306 6888 Respect to DJ OZER for the track Balagan,……special thanks to Dmitry Ivanov (Durimar) for the final editing and to the youngest, but already the best cameraman Evelyn Nirman for filming! Welcome to Israel! […]

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we have changed the name of our Youtube/channel

Have we already written that we are undergoing a slight rebranding? We are opening an INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION CENTER, we gave it the wonderful name INTERSUCCESS and now we have also changed the name of Youtube/channel Now welcome to Don’t forget to subscribe and be sure to like! For questions about posting your videos and […]

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producer Ferapontov and realtor Alexander Nirman conceived a new project

Well, what do we start? The club VERY BUSINESS PEOPLE has started working in Israel. Realtor Alexander Nirman (we already wrote about him HERE) saw my clips and videos on the Internet and offered cooperation. I won’t reveal the details of the negotiations for now, especially since you’ll see everything for yourself soon. The video […]

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producer Ferapontov opens the international production center InterSuccess

we begin… The essence of our proposal is that because of everything that is happening now, most Russian artists have become restricted from traveling abroad. Or rather, not entry into a number of countries that would actually be happy to accept them. Most Russian artists, unfairly, from our point of view, found themselves in […]

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